A little Godot project for MIniJam  62:

Spirit of inifinity

A little runner, where you playing as a spirit and trying to avoid magic spikes and cross magic gates.

Movement: left and right arrows.

Change color:

A - Red

S - Green

D - Yellow

F - Blue

Made by MsUn with Godot (Source code is available!)


Spirit Runner v1.1 12 MB
Spirit Runner v1 12 MB
Spirit Runner v1: Source files.zip 124 kB


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I love the game art for this project. This game was very amusing although it's really difficult. I would suggest adding sounds and changing the key binds, but other than that I found this game quite enjoyable.

Wow, that was hard. And yet I could dodge all the platforms by just sticking to the left until a diamond took me out. It would be better if the difficulty was increased gradually. Then again, I might just be really bad at this game.

Also you might want to make the colors a bit brighter.

The idea looks fun. Good luck with your next game!